A World in Transition

733dfed59b783fbf42240e20a9110c43.image.174x250From time to time a book is published that really raises the bar for other authors in the field. Several years ago that was “I Am Providence” by the incredible Lovecraft Scholar S.T. Joshi. Recently I came across yet another work by Mr. Joshi that  is currently in production so to speak. Lovecraft and a World in Transition proves to be yet another classic by S.T. Joshi. This is a very limited printing (500 copies) and pre-ordering will get you a signed copy by Mr. Joshi himself. So that just makes it too awesome to pass up. For more information follow the link below.

H.P. Lovecraft a World in Transition/Hippocampus Press 

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  1. I am extremely excited about this book!! I have many of the original essays in their first printings, but it will be a revelation to read them, one after ye other, in sequence, and thus experience Mr. Joshi’s growth as a Lovecraftian scholar.

    • May I just say what an honor it is to have W.H. Pugmire comment on my little blog here! As a nobody from North Eastern Ohio it is pretty cool when others (Especially those who are well known among Lovecraft fans) notices your blog. Thank you for the comment!

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