September Meeting

Yet another great meeting! Thanks to Scott for bringing in his old Necronomicon Press books. They were really cool to check out.

This month we read, The Outsider and Pickman’s Model and in general I think everyone liked both of them. With the Outsider we covered some of the themes that Lovecraft was exploring with his writing and talked about the influence that Poe had on him as well as perhaps other writers. The Outsider is one of Lovecraft’s more “gothic” stories by way of setting and atmosphere and while he does a good job of capturing that tone he still adds just enough “Lovecraft” too it to make it his own.  We also talked about how the story would transfer to a different medium like film. I think everyone agreed that this story would make a great Twilight Zone episode.

Pickman’s Model was the majority favorite this month… Sorry Fred… I believe there are a number of reasons for this which are due in large part to the way the story is written. Pickman’s Model is a much easier read then The Outsider with more dialog and wrote in a more “conversational” style. Unlike The Outsider this story returns to themes that Lovecraft is more comfortable in. It takes place in Boston and involves common place ideas that become the source of the horror in the end.

After discussing the story itself we talked about the idea of Pickman’s Model being translated to film. Here we covered the age old problem with Lovecraft’s work. It’s a great story to read but they make rotten movies. Without taking extreme liberties in making the film interesting it would be very difficult to make a movie from this story that would keep people entertained. However everyone did have some very cool ideas on how to make a good movie out of this story.

In the end both stories followed a similar formula with the “italic” last line which Lovecraft is so well known for. Yet even while predictable both stories are entertaining and well worth reading. It was interesting to hear why everyone liked the stories and what part they found the most entertaining.

Next month (10/14), because it’s October we will be reading “The Call of Cthulhu” as well as watching the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Societies, silent film version of this story. Hope to see you all there!

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