Welcome to the HPL Mythos Book Club

Welcome to the H.P. Lovecraft, Mythos Book Club and Reading Group! Our goal is to bring together fans of Lovecraft’s writing to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the works of H.P. Lovecraft, explore his life and his impact on literature as well as his lasting influence on society and pop-culture.

Our group will cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to Lovecraft’s literary works. Starting with some of his earliest known writing and continuing on into his career as an amateur writer and his contributions to Weird Tales Magazine in the 1920′ s and 30’s . Each month we will select stories or novels written by Lovecraft and discuss these stories at our following meeting. In addition to this we will delve into the mythology created by Lovecraft for his stories and explore its evolution over the course of his writing. The group will also cover topics ranging from films based on his work, comic books, games, music and even occult religions that all use his writing as an influence.

Longtime fans of H.P. Lovecraft will have the opportunity to meet others who share their interest in Lovecraft’s writing and perhaps discover new and exciting facets of Lovecraft’s creations outside of the literary world. Those of you who are just discovering Lovecraft’s work will have the benefit of a structured group dedicated to understanding the sometimes complex concepts and ideas presented in his work. It is our hope that both new and old fans will find the group fun and enlightening.

Some of the clubs points of interest will be…

  • Early writings of H.P. Lovecraft who wrote his first story at age seven.

  • Writers who influenced HPL and writers he has influenced

  • Lovecraft’s mythology, gods, monsters, people and places.

  • Influences and impact beyond literature such as movies, comics and games.

  • Writers who have explored Lovecraft’s Mythos and contributed to the legends.

  • Write your own Mythos tale. Writing a short story in the tradition of HPL.

Our first meeting will be held on June 16th from 7 – 8 pm at Backlist Books in Massillon, Ohio. I look forward to seeing everyone there. If you have any questions regarding the group feel free to contact me at… clinthulhu@hotmail.com

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